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When I was a kid my dad was in the Army. We went to all kinds of churches in lots of different places and settings. We had the opportunity to visit Vatican City and Notre Dame in Paris. We attended a little Chapel that was surrounded by grape vineyards when we live near Naples. When I was older I worshipped at a 125 year old church that had a pipe organ and red carpet. 

   Since I have been a pastor, my wife and I have worshiped in gyms, two different schools, a cafeteria, some metal buildings, auditoriums and in a super traditional sanctuary. We got to be part of church services in Africa, Dominican Republic and Mexico. We have taken communion on the beach, in prison, in peoples’ homes, at hospitals, in our own home, with people in assisted living, with people on Hospice care, in hotel rooms, under a bridge, at a park and many more places with lots of different people. I’m excited to add a golf course to the list.

There is no end to the list of places and times that God becomes present in the world and in our very own lives. The story of Jesus is about God putting on skin and coming to us wherever we may be. This is really God News!

   Our journey is one that takes us to many places with all kinds of people, as we search together for what God is up to and find a way to join in the work and play of the Kingdom of God. I’m K.P. Polk and we are excited to be part of God’s work at The Journey UMC!!

United Methodist Church


Meeting Space:

 Plum Creek Golf Course Banquet Hall

 4301 Benner, Kyle TX

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