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Pastor Kenneth P. Polk
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When I was a kid my dad was in the Army. We went to all kinds of churches in different places and settings. We had the opportunity to visit Vatican City and Notre Dame in Paris. We attended a little Chapel that was surrounded by grape vineyards when we lived near Naples. When I was older I worshiped at a 125 year old church that had a pipe organ.

Since I became a pastor, my wife (Beth) and I have worshiped in gyms, schools, a cafeteria, metal buildings, auditoriums, and in a super traditional sanctuary. We got to be part of church services in Africa, Dominican Republic and Mexico. We have taken communion on the beach, in prison, in homes, at hospitals, with people in assisted living, with people on Hospice care, in hotel rooms, under a bridge, at a park and many more places with lots of different people. I’m excited to add a golf course to the list.

There is no end to the list of places and times that God becomes present in the world and in our very own lives. The story of Jesus is about God putting on skin and coming to us wherever we may be. This is really Good News!

Our journey is one that takes us to many places with all kinds of people, as we search together for what God is up to and find a way to join in the work of the Kingdom of God. We are excited to be part of God’s work at The Journey UMC!

Christina Shoptaw

Youth Coordinator


It brings me so much joy to lead The Journey Youth Group, helping our teens develop a strong relationship with the Lord by relating Biblical teachings to everyday life. I believe as growing teens, it is infinitely valuable to know God is there for us and has solutions to our real-world challenges when we study scripture and invite his Spirit into our hearts. 

I was born in Woburn, Massachusetts but have lived most of my life in Texas. I have a Bachelors in Visual Art Studies from the University of North Texas and an Art Education Certification for grades K-12. I am a singer in The Journey worship band, illustrate children’s books, and enjoy being a mother of two sweet energetic boys, Austin (6) and Alexander (4). I have been happily married to my husband, Tom Shoptaw, for 11 years. The embracing community of The Journey is an amazing blessing to our family and we look forward to a bright future ahead at our church!

Phillip Morrow

I was blessed to grow up in a household full of music.  My mother and her sisters would sing and play guitars around the kitchen table.  Their love and passion for God flowed through their songs and inspired me to follow in their footsteps.  I have had the opportunity to lead worship since I was 19 and have been blessed beyond measure in this journey.

I grew up in the small town of Alpine, TX.  As the youngest of six, I had immense family support in my endeavors.  I graduated from Visible School of Music and Worship Arts in Memphis, TN in 2001, but after 9/11 my music career took a backseat as I enlisted in the Navy for 4 years.  I moved to Austin after the Navy and graduated from the Austin Live Music Academy – UT.

I have been extremely blessed by my beautiful wife, Marilyn, and my boys Patrick (2) and Declan.  Being able to lead worship is an incredible honor and I strive to stay out of the way of the Holy Spirit working through the music we offer.  God has given us the gift of music and I truly love sharing it every Sunday!

Lacy Kline

Director of Children's Ministry 


It is such a blessing to help our children see the workings of God in our world and understand the teachings of Jesus through stories, games, activities, and crafts. It is a joy to lead Children’s Church & Sunday School every week!  I also coordinate special events for Christmas, Easter, and Summer Break.


I was born and raised in Victoria, Texas.  I attended Texas State University and received a Bachelors in Education in 2009.  I currently teach toddlers at Manchaca UMC Child Development Center part-time, teach exercise classes at the YMCA,  and on my days off you can find me playing with my two kids, Owen (6) and Aubrey (4), or hanging out with my wonderful husband of 13 years, Kevin.